Storm Isle Production

A newly formed Game Development Studio located on the East Coast of the United States.


Storm Isle Productions is teaming up with talented developers in the Indie game development field, including those that already have a well-established background in the gaming industry with published games to their names.

As a fledgling studio Storm Isle Productions is slowly expanding its capabilities in development as it focuses on its flagship game “Stratus: Battle For The Sky” and is looking forward to continue expanding its studio team.

Founder photo

Nathan J Hunt

Founder and Principal

Nathan J Hunt- Storm Isle Productions CEO
Email: nate@stormisleproductions.com

Past project leader on Uskaarj RTS conversion of the unreal engine in the 2004 Make something unreal contest gained highly honorable mention.

3D specialist contracted with Johns Hopkins SAIS 38North for 3D reconstructions http://38north.org/tag/panorama/